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Internationally accredited, field-tested, supported by skills sessions

  • Humanitarian Security (free mini-course)

    An introduction to managing the security of humanitarian and aid organizations.

  • Security for Humanitarian Actors in Violent Environments

    Designed for humanitarians and NGO staff who conduct field work in dangerous and high-risk environments. It is the online version of Strategic Edge's bestselling, Violent Environment Preparedness Training. Learn about the security context, the threats around you, the Acceptance Strategy, explosive hazards, security in field operations, and behavior in a security incident.

  • Mental Health Self-Care

    You serve at the frontlines. You give everything you got for your job and helping people in need. Learn about your own needs and how to care for them. Develop skills in Peer PSS and Trauma Counselling.

  • Women's Safety First

    This course is designed specifically for women who work in NGOs or engage in humanitarian action in risk-sensitive environments. However, it welcomes all women who wish to learn how to protect themselves from Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

  • Security Management for SFPs

    As Security Focal Points (SFPs), you are responsible for the safety and security of your organization's staff, assets, and programs. Learn about Risk Management, Security Planning, managing Critical Incidents, and introduction to Crisis Management.

  • First Aid in the Field

    A vital survival skills course on Basic Life Support, taught by paramedics and field medics whose range of experience includes remote, infrastructure-challenged, and war-affected areas. Includes real-time skills sessions through video coaching. Later followed up by on-site face-to-face sessions arranged with your NGO.

  • Access Methodologies in Hostile Environments

    Will launch soon. Stay tuned for developments.

  • MH/Psychological First Aid for Vulnerable Populations

    Will launch soon. Stay tuned for developments.


From the field to your learning space

  • Edessa Ramos

    Lead Instructor, Security Advisor, Frontline Medic, Humanitarian

    Edessa Ramos

    Our lead instructor and course designer is a Security Expert in multifaceted and risk-sensitive environments, with solid know-how and experience in security assessment, risk reduction, contingency planning, asset protection, and security design and auditing. Specialized in serving humanitarian aid agencies and international NGOs that deploy personnel to crisis countries. Operational experience: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Nepal, Philippines, Nigeria, and more. With 8 years as security professional, 14 years as development worker, 5 years as academic expert. Founder of Strategic Edge International (social enterprise) and Amalna Foundation (NGO).
  • Instructor Team

    Instructor Team

    Our network of experienced, certified, and highly qualified instructors come from a range of expertise, backgrounds, and contexts, specifically chosen to deliver the unique requirements of each course. Collectively, our operational track record encompasses military, law enforcement, private security, developmental, academic, and humanitarian settings.

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