What you will learn

Complete all modules and achieve an international certificate

  • Why Humanitarian Security

    Watch this introduction that sets the stage for the course. This is a complementary module (free of charge).

  • Hostile Environment Awareness

    Develop awareness of hostile and violent environments. Learn fundamental risk management by identifying threats, evaluating risks, and formulating a mitigation strategy.

  • Operational Field Security

    Discover the techniques, tools, and procedures that help you stay safe as you implement programs in complex environments. Topics include security during aid distributions, movement SOPs, dealing with checkpoints, and more.

  • Explosive Hazard Awareness

    Learn to identify the risks of explosive hazards in conflict-affected environments, as well as protocols and guidelines for action.

  • Threat & Critical Incident Response

    Learn mitigation strategies for specific threats you might encounter in hostile environments. Topics such as behaviour under fire or surviving an active shooter are based on real-life scenarios.

  • Virtual Classroom

    Join fellow learners in a Zoom video conference to discuss the outcomes of your study, clarify remaining points, and express ideas to your peers. Held regularly every first weekend of the month.

Course curriculum


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